Hungarian Election Office Confirms EU Refugee Quota Referendum Failure

UK News 24 – WWR.

Less than 40 percent of Hungary’s eligible voters took part in Sunday’s EU migrant resettlement quota referendum, the Hungarian National Election Office said.

VIENNA (UK NEWS) — Earlier in the day, the vice president of ruling party Fidesz, Gergely Gulyas, said that the turnout reached 45 percent.

A total of 37.88 percent, or around 3.1 million voters, turned up to vote in the referendum, thus failing to reach the required minimum of 50 percent, preliminary data, published on the election office website, showed.

Over 62 percent of those eligible did not take part in the referendum or cast invalid ballots, according to the data.

Despite the low turnout, the vast majority of voters rejected EU quotas. With just 1.79 percent answering “yes” to the question on whether the European Union should be able to relocate migrants to Hungary without the Hungarian parliament’s approval, 98.21 percent voted “no.”

Getty images.


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