Europe on the verge of collapse

UK News 24 – EBR.



Migrant crisis in Europe is in full swing. With over 100,000 migrants entering Europe via Greece this year alone, the situation is on the verge of reaching out of control and the ideal of free movement under the Schengen agreement is collapsing.

The over 100,000 people that arrived this year is a tenfold increase on the corresponding period last year. In 2015, over one million arrived.

With individual countries such as Austria, Slovenia among others imposing border controls or limiting asylum applications and the EU clinging to its ‘law’ the crisis intensifies

According to the EU’s migration commissioner, European Union officials to reduce the flow of migrants and asylum-seekers into the EU from Turkey or the Schengen agreement risks total collapse.

“We need tangible and clear results on the ground. Otherwise there is a risk that the whole system will completely break down,” Dimitris Avramopoulos, EU Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, told the media lately.

With Greece facing a cost of over 600 million euros to handle the migrant crisis, you can imagine that the total cost for all EU countries goes into the double digit billions – a figure that reveals how the situtation is completely unsustainable, and Whilst few can disagree that the origins of the migrants’ move is tragic, there is no hiding the fact that simply welcoming them with open arms and providing food, shelter and ultimately jobs is not feasible without creating long-term problems internally.

So is the collapse of the European Union inevitable ?

( EFJ ) “Europe free journalists” giving exclusive statements to UK News 24.

As the European refugee crisis combined with a protracted economic slowdown have made the very idea of the EU unpopular, to complicate matters further, the European Union is departing from its founding principles.

The influx of refugees escaping the havoc created by ( Russian – American ) led war in the Middle East is prompting growing concerns in the EU and drowning Europeans in frustration.

“The Middle Eastern wars will not go away, as well as smugglers that are profiting off people who flee their home countries in hopes of a better life in Europe. While one can safely assume that if the exodus of migrants remains at its current level, the political consequences would be grave for the European Union, especially for German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Germany in general which will witness a gap between itself and its European partners growing deeper.

( EFJ )  point out that the general idea of the EU has lost a lot of attractiveness among Europeans due to the current refugee crisis, an increased terror threat and protracted economic slowdown, and “With a growing fear of ISIS [Daesh] and international terrorism more broadly, the Schengen agreement risks being broken in 2016, and as more governments take legal action.

Furthermore, Brussels and Berlin have repeatedly attempted to impose refugee quotas on the EU member states not taking into consideration the nations’ will, according to [ EFJ ]. “Europe free journalists”.

“So the actions that are being taken by Brussels show the obvious: it’s only concerned with the interests of its political circles, not people. Therefore, the collapse of Europe, is inevitable. When it will happen is only a matter of time, but is clear that it won’t keep us waiting for long, ( EFJ ) told UK News 24.


Getty images – UNP.


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