Merkel: ‘I have no plan B’ on migrant crisis strategy

UK News 24 – DWN.


BERLIN –  Speaking on German public television on Sunday, Chancellor Angela Merkel said the policy of open borders for migrants would remain. Merkel dismissed a “rigid limit,” saying, “There is no point in believing that I can solve the problem through the unilateral closure of borders.”

“I have no plan B,” Merkel said, adding that she was convinced she was on the right track with efforts to redistribute refugees within Europe, while addressing the problems causing people to flee to the continent: “I am fighting for this approach.”

Merkel said she needed to take care that  [ fewer ] refugees came to Germany, but sought to reassure viewers by insisting that her government’s strategy is the only “logical” one – and has been well considered.

The interview was the third major television appearance that Merkel has made in the last five months – the first with the same ARD talkshow hosted by Anne Will, the second with ZDF in mid-November.

Merkel’s party faces elections on March 13 when voters elect new regional parliaments in three of Germany’s 16 states. It is the first poll since the migrant crisis began.



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