Woman Worker Reveals Aggressive Refugee Behavior at European Center

UK News 24 – ABP.

HAMBURG – A refugee center employee in Hamburg, Germany spoke to German newspaper Die Welt telling about her experience of working at the center and how her one time passion to help refugees has been destroyed because of their ungrateful behavior.

The employee of the refugee center gave an interview to the German publication asking to stay anonymous.

She recalled how she was enthusiastic to join the center in autumn of 2015 when tens of thousands of refugees poured into the country fleeing war zones in the Middle East. She was full of optimism, “It was exactly what I wanted to do in life.”
However, her enthusiasm vanished within just a few days. “Most migrants want too much. They demand an apartment, a car and a good job right away. If I try to explain that this is not possible, they become noisy and sometimes aggressive” the employee said.

“Once a group of migrants from Afghanistan and Syria threatened to go on a hunger strike if they were not immediately moved to another location inside the country,” the employee recalled.

“One Arab shouted to my colleague: We will cut your head off!”

Yet, the worst experience of communicating with the refugees according to the employee is that they do not take female workers seriously. According to the girl, refugees simply do not listen to their instructions and ask male workers to repeat the instructions.

Distrust towards women working at the center did not stop the male refugees from evaluating them in a sexual context.

“They look at us with either scorn or with greasy eyes” the employee said in an outrage. “They whistle after us, say something to each other in their language, laugh and take our photographs without our permission.”

The female employees of the center had to change their style of clothing, giving up tightly fitted clothes in order not to provoke the refugees. Now the girls wear slacks and collared tops while at work, She said that she will quit her job if the situation continues to deteriorate.

“My idealism is undermined and almost destroyed. I am disappointed, and feel dejection,” the employee said.


       Getty images – ABP


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