Donald Trump wins Nevada Republican presidential caucus

ABP – ww reports.

Washington :  Donald Trump notched a win in Nevada’s Republican caucuses on Tuesday as Marco Rubio bid to elbow out Ted Cruz for second place in an increasingly urgent effort to slam the brakes on the Trump juggernaut.

The battle for runnerup was too close to call early today. With 25 percent of the results counted, Trump had 43.7 percent, Rubio 24.3 percent, and Cruz 22.4 percent. Ben Carson was a distant fourth with 5.6 percent, and John Kasich had 3.8 percent.

Trump now has three straight victories — in the West, the South and Northeast — a testament to his broad appeal among the mad-as-hell voters making their voices heard in the 2016 presidential race.

The focus now shifts to Texas and other “Super Tuesday” states that vote next week. A stream of candidates — including Trump, Rubio and Cruz — are expected to flow through North Texas between now and Tuesday.

Six in 10 Nevada caucus goers said they were angry with the way the government is working, and Trump got about half of those angry voters, according to preliminary results of an entrance poll.

Nevada was a critical test for Rubio and Cruz, the two senators battling to emerge as the clear alternative to the GOP front-runner. Rubio was out to prove he can build on recent momentum, while Cruz was looking for a spark to recover from a particularly rocky stretch in his campaign.

“We love Nevada!” Trump exclaimed in his victory speech. “… We will be celebrating for a long time tonight … A couple of months ago, we weren’t expected to win this one.”

He predicted America will see a lot more “winning, winning, winning” from him in the weeks to come, and he talked of the excitement he hopes to stir in Texas and the other states voting next week.

Entrance and exit polls showed that Trump’s victory was wide and deep in terms of his support. He won among older voters, younger voters, better educated voters and less educated voters. While there’s a perception that Trump has alienated Hispanic voters with his tough-on-illegal-immigration emphasis, polls showed Trump won the Latino vote at 44 percent, compared with 29 percent for Rubio and 18 percent for Cruz.

Nevada entrance polls also measured white and non-white voter support, and Trump won that as well with 41 percent compared to Rubio’s 30 percent.

Rubio, already campaigning in Michigan as caucus results rolled in, was projecting confidence that he can consolidate the non-Trump voters who have been splintering among an assortment of GOP candidates, saying, “we have incredible room to grow.”

Cruz, a fiery conservative popular among voters on the GOP’s right, finished a disappointing third in South Carolina after spending much of the past two weeks denying charges of dishonest campaign tactics and defending his integrity. Another disappointing finish in Nevada would raise new questions about his viability heading into a crucial batch of Super Tuesday states on March 1.

But a defiant Cruz took a different view in speaking to supporters at a rally after the caucus, saying it’s now clear that he’s the true conservative that can beat Trump.

“There’s something wrong with this guy,” Trump said with his usual measure of tact during a massive Las Vegas rally Monday night. The former reality television star tweeted on Tuesday, “He used him as a scape goat-fired like a dog! Ted panicked.”

Nevada’s caucusing played out in schools, community centers and places of worship across the state — a process that’s been chaotic in the past.

Count Tracy Brigida, fed up after her husband was laid off from his mining job, among those caucusing for Trump.


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