Belgium Restores Border Control to Avoid Calais Refugees

UK News 24 – ww reports.

Another sign of the European union’s hypocrisy, the question remains why the United kingdom should accept them if even Belgium don’t want them?
A question a lot are asking these days.

The Schengen Agreement is continuing to fall apart at the seams – this time it’s Belgium that has decided to restore checkpoints at the border with France fearing the spill of refugees from the infamous “Jungle” camp in Northern France, Le Monde reported.

The government in Brussels announced the temporary restoration of border control with France to effectively deal with a possible influx of refugees trying to leave the “Jungle” camp near Calais.

“When [refugee] camps in France will be evacuated, we could cope with the influx of thousands of people. We’ll control the border at strategic places,” Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon said, as cited by Le Monde.

Furthermore, Jambon announced that between 250 and 290 extra police officers will be deployed on the French-Belgian border.
The Belgian police already need to work on catching refugees. On Monday night, the police arrested 32 refugees near Adinkerke, a small village close to the French border, Jambon said, according to the newspaper.

The Belgian government wants to avoid the settlement of refugee camps, like the “Jungle,” on its territory.

“We want to avoid at all costs tented camps in the Calais-style in Belgium. It’s a matter of law enforcement,” the Interior Minister said, as quoted by Le Monde.

Belgium became the seventh country to throw out of the window one of the key EU principles — free movement of people across the continent — fearing an influx of refugees. Prior to Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway and Sweden began checking documents at border control areas.
The European Union is currently struggling to manage a massive refugee crisis, with hundreds of thousands of people from countries in the Middle East and North Africa arriving everyday.
The EU border agency Frontex recorded more than 1.8 million illegal border crossings in the EU in 2015.

As time passes and with no political solutions found, the situation on the continent is getting worse. As a result of the refugee and economic crisis on the rise in Europe, Britain might exit the EU as a result.


       Getty images – ABP


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