Euronews faces criticism and ban over alleged hate report

UK News 24 based article.
UK News 24 investigating –

Euronews is a multi-lingual news channel established in early 1990s by a group of major European broadcasters with support from the European Union’s ruling bodies. Russia’s state television and radio broadcasting corporation VGTRK is a major holder of Euronews’ stock (16 percent), along with state television companies of France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

A UKIP MP demands that Euronews be stopped from broadcasting on British territory after a report from france on which a local resident in Calais made some statements about ukip leader and  the British parliament.

An MP of United kingdom independent party which he wanted to remain anonymous  has already addressed the state mass media watchdog with a request to officially ban the broadcasting of the Euronews channel and initiate a criminal case against it.

He cites a news report released on February 14 and repeated throughout the day in which a Calais resident insulted Nigel farage and the British parliament.

The lawmaker said that the Euronews footage was inciting hatred and also insulted Nigel farage’s dignity and the dignity of all British people. He also told UK 24 free radio that the story was an obvious provocation.

“This is simply unacceptable and insulting, not only for the prominent leader of our country, the person supported by the british voters, but also for the British people who had voted for him” he said.

This was further proof of European Union’s double standard policy. The goal of this trick was to dispose European citizens against Britain’s sovereign policy” he said.

And this was not the first time euronews is accused of biased reports,
n mid-November 2015, Euronews came under fire from the Russian Foreign Ministry, which objected to the channel’s coverage in Russia, deputy head of the Foreign Ministry’s information department, Maria Zakharova, noted the extreme biasness of Euronews reports.

Fantastic Bias and partiality of the Euronews reports is simply amazing, ” Zakharova wrote in a Facebook post.


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