Brexit’ would not affect F1, says Ecclestone

ABP – UK News 24.

London –  Formula One would be unaffected by any British exit from the European Union, the sport’s commercial supremo Bernie Ecclestone said on Monday in an interview in which he supported those seeking to leave.

Eight of the 11 teams have factories in England, with Renault having their engine facility in France but the team headquarters in Prime Minister David Cameron’s Oxfordshire constituency.

Ferrari and Red Bull-owned Toro Rosso are based in Italy while Sauber are Swiss. The new Haas team are U.S.-owned but have their European base in England.

“I’ve said before that I don’t much like democracy. Nothing gets done,” Ecclestone, the 85-year-old Briton whose Formula One Management is based in central London, told the Daily Mail newspaper.

“I do quite like David Cameron. I didn’t think I would, but he has done what he thinks is best for Britain in the EU negotiations.

“I respect that, but I want us to leave Europe. It doesn’t make any difference to my business. It doesn’t make any difference to anyone here. I know what we give the EU, but not what it gives us back,” said Ecclestone.

Cameron has called a referendum on Britain’s European membership for June 23 after striking a deal with other EU leaders on Friday for the country to have a special status.


       ABP images.


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