Two-Thirds Say EU Proposals A Bad Deal

Sky news poll –

more than 65% say the draft EU proposals were a bad deal.
A recent poll by sky news shows that around 69% say EU proposals were a bad deal for Britain with just 31% thinking it was a good deal.

In addition, 44% of those asked said it was less likely to make them want to vote to stay in the EU – 37% said it made no difference and 19% said it would make them more likely to vote to remain a member of the EU.

The same poll indicates that despite David Cameron saying he has delivered “significant change”, nearly half of the public say the new proposals would make them less likely to vote to stay in the EU.

The results come as Mr Cameron faced down his own eurosceptic MPs as he tried to sell the EU draft deal in a statement to the House of Commons while Mr Cameron is facing significant criticism that he has not met his Conservative Manifesto pledges and that the migrant welfare changes are “unworkable”.


        Getty image – source : sky news


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