Jeremy Corbyn to visit Dewsbury : Daesh’s Recruiting Capital

UK News 24 based article –

Jeremy corbyn is expected to visit  Dewsbury later this week, Dewsbury is  in of West of Yorkshire and through the years the small town has become the capital and recruiting ground for homegrown Islamism.

During Mr corbyn’s visit he will meet with several Muslims including imam mosques and other public figures in a part of his new campaign to
Gather support and according to a local resident we asked Mr corbyn is expected to donate to some Islamic charities there as he’s also expected to make a speech.

Through Dewsbury, which has a considerable Muslim population, mostly of of Indian and Pakistani origin.

“Dewsbury is the ‘Islamist capital’ of Britain and has produced many terrorists and ISIS [Daesh] volunteers.

The International Centre for the Study of Radicalization estimates that over 20,000 foreign fighters have gone over to fight alongside Daesh terrorists in the Middle East. Between 500 and 600 of them are British nationals.


      Getty image.


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