Pro-Kremlin hackers targeted The Moscow Times again

The Moscow Times newspaper is under attack again and experts are saying the reason behind the attack is because the newspaper is not showing enough support for the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Speaking with the Guardian, the owner of the newspaper said hehad no idea about the reasons for the attack. However, it may connect to the recent sentiment toward their coverage.

Recently The Moscow Times has come under fire from people who consider it to be anti-Kremlin. According to readers.
This attack is not the first time the newspaper struggled with aggression. In December, a DDoS attack took down The Moscow Times for two days. Prior to that, The Moscow Times struggled with advertisements on their website that were infected with malware.

The Moscow Times is owned by a Finnish company called Sanoma, based in Helsinki.
As tensions between Russia and many Western countries has been increasing for years. While the tension is mostly from a United States and Russian perspective, events like the current situation in Ukraine send shockwaves throughout Europe as well.

Speaking of Ukraine, a country that Russia now refers to as Crimea due to an annex last Spring.
Pro-Kremlin groups could read the article by Human Rights Watch researcher Julia Gorbunovaand see the event referred to as a “surge in rights abuses” and take offense.

“The Moscow Times is in another category: free independent newspapers that are very focused on local news, contain advertising for local businesses, and have a local entertainment guide.” a reader on reddit said.

The fact that The Moscow Times is owned by a foreign entity is also bad news for the newspaper, as a law signed by Putin put into effect rules that govern how much Russian media can be owned by non-Russian companies.


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