15-Year-Old White Girl Gang Raped

The 15-year-old victim of a gang-rape and beeating and raped brutally, 03 January 2016, Birmingham west high school, her name was Jenny marlon a 15 year old white girl from Birmingham, the gang mainly Arabs and black.The school is 2% white, 8% Asian, 10% black, 78% Arabs. The press again hid the race of victim because she is white and the savages were protected, The victim was beaten, raped, and had to be rushed to the hospital .
At about 9:30 p.m., a classmate invited the victim to join a group of males, ranging in ages from 15 to mid-20s, who were drinking alcohol, The female victim drank a large amount of brandy, and was propositioned for sex by the alleged attackers. When the victim refused, she was placed on a nearby cement bench and continuously beaten and raped for 2 and a half hours, at times with a ‘foreign object.
A local resident heard of the attack from her boyfriend and immediately contacted the police. The victim was found unconscious under a picnic table and was air-lifted to a hospital in critical condition. She was released from the hospital on Monday- January 04
“They were kicking her in her head and they were beating her up, robbing her and ripping her clothes off; it’s something you can’t get out your mind. I saw people, like, dehumanizing her; I saw some pretty crazy stuff. She was pretty quiet; I thought she was like dead for a minute but then I saw her moving around. He said”.

Parents usually believe that you are safe in school and that nothing bad is going to happen, but this changes your whole outlook as to what school is.

Police Chiefs’ Council lead for child protection, Chief  Alan McGregor told UK news 24 “fears the problem may be even worse”

“I believe these figures are the tip of the iceberg. He said”
According to the latest Department for Education statistics in England,  there were nearly 4,000 alleged physical sexual assaults and more than 600 rapes.



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