Euronews : EU backed propaganda


This is how it starts: first a European Commission fellow-traveller (in this case, Philippe Cayla, the head of Euronews, the broadcaster of so-called EU perspective news which is 25 percent funded by the commission) identifies a ‘problem’ – which is, according to Cayla, the fact that news broadcasters in Europe are largely depend on advertising and subscription.
However some
starts to question euronews’s credibility of reporting as some noticed that the so-called independent channel starts to attack several countries and politicians opposes the European union policies such as attacking the British prime minister David Cameron and the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán, as the channel tries to promote its self as the voice of europe euronews accused of supporting the endless wave of refugees passing the  schengen values that kept on any nation to be respected as a sovereign country, but for others the channel is doing what is supposed to do which is supporting and even backing the [ left wing parties and leaders ] across europe such as the UK  Labour party Jeremy corbyn.

Not that Cayla explains why this is a problem — mind you, it is a
problem if you dislike ideological independence in your news reporting — except perhaps that more people would rather watch real news put out by these ‘problem’ media organisations than by his own.
‘EU citizens must be better informed’ is code for ‘the wretched little people aren’t buying the propaganda so far.’ You see, whenever it becomes clear that real citizens of real countries in fact want less Europe – evidence the result in almost any treaty referendum you could name – the euro-cult leaders in Brussels never allow themselves to read that result as more evidence that millions of people are very fed up with the EU and want less of it.

Instead the euro-cult leaders insist that the problem is that all of us little people are just not well-informed enough about the alleged wonderfulness of all the things the EU does for them, so the solution must be to spend more on ‘information.’ Otherwise known as propaganda, the annual commission budget for which is estimated by Open Europe to stand at more than £2bn.

And here is something so Brussels. Cayla, the Euronews boss, made his comments in an interview with Euractiv, an on-line journal which is also part-financed by the EU; the Euractiv reporter doesn’t mention until the final paragraph that ‘independent’ Euronews is 25 percent funded by the Commission, ‘to provide coverage of EU affairs with an EU perspective.’ You bet.

Or as Euractiv reported it: ‘Only [only ad far as we know ] 25 percent of Euronews’ funding comes from the European Commission, said Cayla, stressing that this allows it to maintain full independence.’

One out of every four euros in their news budget comes from the commission. That’s what passes for ‘independent’ in Brussels.


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